Through The Eyes of the Natives Essays

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“Native Americans”… what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of them? Some people think of savages who are bent on serving their gods and spirits. Most others think of peaceful people who are welcoming, very spiritual and very traditional. Unfortunately, the Native Americans were treated very poorly when the white man arrived. As time went on it got worse for them. The Westward Movement and the Trail of tears were a horrific time in history for the Native Americans. White Americans were needlessly cruel to the Native Americans during this time period. The westward railroad greatly improved the economical and financial status of America but in doing this, it also greatly hurt the Native Americans. The railroads also …show more content…
The Oregon Trail was tough on everyone; whites and Native Americans. The California Gold Rush was one of the most well known points in history. Everyone wanted the gold, but the ones that wanted it the most were single men. They were young and single and didn’t have to provide for a family, so they wanted it all to themselves. The men, being single, wasn’t necessarily a good thing, especially for Native American women. The 1850’s were one of the worst times in history for Native American women. The Native American women were subject to wide spread rape by the invading Europeans. It was also dangerous for the white man too. It was dangerous for them all. There were thousands of deaths over the years. The most main causes of death were fire arms discharging in jostling wagons, children falling under wagon wheels, river drownings, thousands died from disease, especially cholera, and many died from murders. Native Americans were mad at the white man for invading their territory so they tried to kill some of the white people. On average there was a grave every hundred yards or so. The government wasn’t happy about this Native American problem so they started putting the natives on reservations. The Trail of Tears was the absolute worst time in history for the Native Americans, particularly the Cherokees. The Cherokees had the largest tribe in America. Their tribe was all over central U.S. They were forced off of their land by the
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