Through The History Of The United States And The History

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Through the history of the United States and the history of corporate fraud, many infamous people and entities have taken advantage and abused the corporate system while finding loop holes or discrepancies to use in their favor. Corporate Fraud consists of activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or in an illegal manner, and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetuating individual or company (Ivestopedia,1). Investors have been known to throw money around if its meaningless as seen on Wolf of Wall Street and other movies. In such large public firms, its rather difficult to keep track of every dollar, so cutting corners here and there in everyday transactions, is something that becomes a…show more content…
When criminals reach this stage, it becomes arduous for investigators to distinguish if the funds are licit or not ( Grosse, 4 ). One of the most famous money laundering scandals in America was the Bank of New York money laundering scandal with Russia. In the summer of 1999, The Bank of New York found themselves in a predicament when they were found as suspects of an international money laundering scandal. The bank laundered billions of dollars to the Russian mafia and Russian politics. In august later that year, the New York Times published their calculations that the bank laundered nearly $14.2 billion dollars to $10 billion dollars that was laundered from Russia passed through the Bank of New York (Block, 3). Over the past two-to-three decade, Wall Street has been known to be articulate in the usage of short and distort market manipulation. Short and distort is relative to short selling, the only difference is that short selling is a less publicized yet more-sinical version. Short and distort is as legal as a pump and dump, uses a bear market to manipulate stocks and misinforms investors. Similar to the pump and dump tactic, money hungry scoundrels buy stock and issue false statements that produce the stocks price to skyrocket through the charts for individual benefits rather than the company 's benefit ( Rayman, 1). Applbaum once argued that marketing can be seen as a particular set of cultural practices that surfaced in reaction
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