Through The Necklace: An Outcast Analysis

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When I was ten-years-old, my grandmother was watching my sisters and me when she experienced a heart attack. Helpless, I could not do anything more than perform small favors for her such as lowering the heat. As a result, I blamed myself for her near death experience. Weeks following her heart attack, she gave me a gold necklace created from a link of her watch as a sign of her appreciation for being her “little helper.” Through the necklace, I finally understood that I helped her in the best way that I could, and that was all she could ever ask of me. I decided to demonstrate this story through a podcast in order to connect with young children who find themselves facing situations that they have no control over and to teach them that their best effort is all that is required of them. I…show more content…
The narration and dialogue present in the beginning carries the plot of the story while describing the events of that led up to and included my grandmother’s heart attack. The two worked in tandem to create repetition. Through narration, I explained that on typical Tuesdays my grandmother played cards, told stories, and cooked for us. These three typical events went awry, which was indicated through my grandmother’s dialogue. Each time she spoke, I then followed her dialogue with narration, noting that “I thought nothing of it.” This repetition made the plot easier to follow for the audience, and it simultaneously emphasized the hints that I should have noticed by pointing them out to the audience. As the plot transitioned to the day where I received the necklace, the amount of descriptive diction increases. For example, I noted the “green, grass-like carpet” and my grandmother’s “blue-grey eyes.” The amount of description emphasizes the importance of this scene as the plot reaches its
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