Through The Wormhole: Video Analysis

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The television series, Through the Wormhole had an episode that talked about the Subconscious of the human brain. The subconscious of the brain has long been thought of as the source of our primal fears and desires. Scientists have discovered how the subconscious makes snap decisions that protect us from harm, and that it can be trained to actually heal our bodies of disease. There was an example in the video where Morgan Freeman talked about when he was eight years old he had to memorize twelve line from a play but thought he would forget if he goes on stage in front of a big crowd. Once he got on stage, the nervousness of his body went away and recited every line in the play. This comes to show that the brain can memorize many things when it comes to reading or movement. Certain parts of the brain tend to turn off when we start on a task. Those regions of the brain become active…show more content…
He wanted the group to interact with each other by using sociometric badges to put in order a comic book script by not showing each other the different parts of the comic book they have. So, whenever the group talk about the different images they have they had to stay in sequence in order for them to get the comic book pieces right. The sociometrist badge is an electronic device that your wear that detect the tone of voice and body language in a person. It can also measure the amount of interaction a person talks to another person and their dominance levels. Sandy Pecklin study showed that people that have a direct or dominant. At the end of the experiment, both the right pieces and the pieces they predicted that were in order were face down. When they start flipping the pieces together, the group had the correct order of the comic book pieces. Sandy Pecklin claims that the sociometrist badge is 90% accurate for identifying productive workers and problem
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