Throughout An Individual’S Life, One Will Go Through Experiences

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Throughout an individual’s life, one will go through experiences which make them gain certain values and standards that one will always believe in and abide by. Although one’s beliefs are held to a certain standard, it is hard in everyday life to always strictly commit to these beliefs. But, at many times it’s hard for an individual to always act accordingly with their beliefs, this is when a conflict arises. The cognitive dissonance theory can be explained by the first concept of dissonance and three hypotheses to then reduce the dissonance. This theory begins with first recognizing the dissonance between one’s certain behavior and one’s certain belief. Within the cognitive dissonance theory, Festinger hypothesized three mental mechanisms…show more content…
For about two months now she has changed up her diet. Ally is now a vegetarian and only eats organic food. She lives by this motto and considers it now a ‘healthy living lifestyle’. Not just a faze, but for life. Since she has been on her diet, she only goes grocery shopping at organic food stores. Ally will only buy organic food, which is drastically more expensive than shopping at a regular food store. She does this because there isn’t as many pesticide’s or bacterial in organic food, and it is more natural. Recently, Ally has lost her job at the gym she works at, and her income flow is very low. She is having a problem because she wants to eat healthy, which she lives by, but can no longer afford buying organic food or going shopping at organic food stores. Ally is having dissonance in her beliefs. Now I will be exploring Ally’s specific issues on why she is experimenting cognitive dissonance.
Unfortunately, going against Ally’s beliefs, she is slowly starting to not being able to afford to buy organic food or go grocery shopping in organic stores anymore. Ally now resorts to start going to go eat at McDonalds again. Her job loss has made her actions change. Because of this action of eating fast food, she is starting to feel depressed because she is starting to feel bloating and feels unhealthy. This is an example of cognative dissonance, the distressing mental state caused by inconsistency between a person’s two beliefs or a

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