Throughout Centuries Gender Has Been A Social Construct

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Throughout centuries gender has been a social construct that enforces gender norms and as a result, gender inequality was born. Gender inequality has prevailed and can be observed throughout most cultures, education, labor force, and in our own personal lives. At a very young age we are introduced to a gender identity based upon the sex we were born with. Girls are associated with the color pink, dolls, nurturing tendencies, and inclined to be more emotional. While boys are associated with the color blue, the nature of masculinity, sports, and said to be more outspoken. However, gender and sex are two different things. Sex is the biological differences between female and male, while gender is social construct attached with social roles…show more content…
When people are taught from a young age how they should act, sociologist believe we conform to those roles and essentially act them out despite these characteristics having no correlation to the sex of our bodies. Society perceives men as strong, independent, capable, and leaders, meanwhile women are seen as mothers who cook, clean, and are dependent on their husbands. However, gender identity and roles affect both men and women negatively. Men aren’t allowed to express their feelings the same way a woman would because it hinders their masculinity in society, the same way a woman cannot be assertive and independent because it goes against her nature of being the care taker. While we continue to enforce gender roles, in the end everybody loses. Throughout centuries gender inequality has been a crucial downfall to women’s education. Till this day women in multiple countries still such as Cambodia, Pakistan, and Morocco are denied the opportunity to pursue an education and are even persecuted if they attempt to. In other countries like Guatemala, poverty is the main factor as to why women are likely to not receive an education because families would rather send their sons simply because he is a boy. Many women in these countries are illiterate because boys are favored to receive an
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