Throughout History Scholars Have Typically Portrayed Eve

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Throughout history scholars have typically portrayed Eve as the sole creator of sin. In Genesis, Eve is described as a weak female who ultimately felt that worldly possessions were deemed more important than God 's word. However; Eve can also be depicted as loyal, compassionate, and compliant. In retrospect Eve is not as powerless as she is illustrated throughout literature. When reading any type of literature about Adam and Eve, you are most likely persuaded that she was the start of messing up mankind. Eve was known for being a weak women and having a vein personality. Although, Eve was known for all of these ruthless things, in literature, readers are never fully aware of how compliant, loyal and passionate she was to her significant…show more content…
Like all humans, we obsess over worldly possessions and things that we have never seen before. Eve may have had an abundant amount of freedom, yet when you do not know any better and do not fully understand the concept of sin you are open to any ideas. This does not make Eve an antagonist. Eve was strong enough to understand that she made a mistake that furthermore changed the outlook of mankind. "The resulting book, Adam and Eve and the serpent argues that the earliest Christian ideas about sexuality, freedom and sin have come down to us today only by way of a fair amount of manhandling..." Literature only lets readers view one side of this. Eve did not fully understand the concept of sin, therefore if you do not know what something means you cannot be labeled as a bad person. "He knew her and said to her: ‘this is now bone from my bone and flesh from my flesh. this one will be called my wife, for she was taken from her husband’. for this reason a man and a woman are to become one, and for this reason he leaves his father and his mother. He associates with his wife, and they become one flesh” This quote not only shows how loyal and passionate Eve was to Adam but relying on your significant other is not a sign of weakness. Eve is portrayed as weak in literature, but in

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