Throughout Lifetime We All Go Through Experiences That

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Throughout lifetime we all go through experiences that causes our moods to change for better or for worse. These feelings of melancholy and joyfulness are ordinary human emotions that often do not affect our everyday life. But there is a condition known as Bipolar Disorder that changes all of this. This essay will discuss the stigma and structural violence associated with Bipolar Disorder and mental illness. It will also discuss how popular cultural depicts mental health. Bipolar disorder also known as manic- depressive illness is a chronic mental illness characterized by fluctuations in mood and energy that manifests as recurrent episodes of highs which are called mania and extreme lows known as depression(WebMD). There are several…show more content…
Because these stigmas are so widespread and persistent this causes the public to have limited knowledge of this disorder and many other mental illnesses. Stigma shows how people with certain disorder are made to feel unwelcome and excluded by society (Barry,Yuill).
The podcast that I listen to by an African American woman by the name of Angelique Mayes, who was thirty-two years old and from Chicago. Mrs. Mayes was formerly diagnosed with bipolar disorder after graduating college. She suffered episodes of mania where she had the compulsion for extreme shopping. What was so fascinating to me was she discussed what I think is a big problem in the African American community of not discussing mental illness. She stated that the black community has a stigma about psychiatry. Being an African American female I agree with her because, we as a community feel as though we don’t need to seek out help from a psychiatrist. We feel as though we can receive help through religion in the form of prayer. Mrs. Mayes expresses that although religion is a good thing, god would want us to seek additional help. I think this stigma has been passed down through our society. The best example that I can give that verifies Mrs. Mayes claims is the TV show Empire that airs on Fox. In

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