Throughout My Life, I Have Learned To Always Be A Helping

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Throughout my life, I have learned to always be a helping hand and generally care for other people. My Catholic faith has most definitely been my guidepost. It has taught me my morals that have guided me throughout my entire life. Growing up in south Texas one can experience many difficult situations where they hear and see within the immigration process. I have personally seen families torn across borders. I am very passionate about the immigration process and the way many illegal immigrants are being treated throughout it. Also the cause and effect of the children who illegal cross the border alone and are placed through the process. My dream is to become a Deportation Officer and work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).…show more content…
The author Hernandez in “The US Border Wall as a Failed Moral Project from a Second Person Standpoint” explains that there are many reasons on why to build the border wall but he also points out that the United States has “empirical evidence as justification” to build the wall. (Hernandez, 6) Hernandez also says that the United States uses the reasoning of having moral authority to build the wall, that “she” has to defend her people from any other dangers coming from outside of her borders. (Hernandez, 6) Fighting back this argument, Hernandez elaborates on the fact of that the United states is not going over morality of it but of those who are right in the target zone, physically being affected by the structure of the wall. (15) Proposing the question is it really moral for the ones such as maquilas and Chicano/as to be give a border line to stop the fluidity of their own lives. (Hernandez, 12) Hernandez sheds light on the fact that these people are “not tied to either the United States or Mexico”. (12) They are emotionally, physically and politically involved in both countries. Hernandez makes a remark about that fact that the border wall is to be considered to be a “moral project” when in reality it injures the ones with moral reasons of not to have
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