Throughout Our Lives, We Are Taught To Be Submissive To

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Throughout our lives, we are taught to be submissive to those in authority. Whether it be with our parents, professors, or the god we choose to serve, people have been taught to obey and respect those above them. From the beginning of time, these principles have been understood and practiced. We see such submission in stories like Mirabai, as well as in the Qu’ran. The full surrender of human flesh to their own god is shown in both of these illustrations. In the lyric poems of Mirabai, she demonstrates her full submission through praises and obedience to her god, Krishna. Though in the Qu’ran, it teaches the people how to become completely submissive to their Islamic god, Allah. Nevertheless, both stories demonstrate what it means to be…show more content…
Allah, the Islamic god, constantly wants his people to be in search of him and to find ways to grow their relationship; Mirabai does these acts as shown in her lyric poems. In [Darling come visit me], she is “distressed and distraught” wandering for Krishna day and night, “our separation gnawing at my heart.” Mirabai illustrates what Allah wants from his people in the Qu’ran. He desires for his people to worship and praise him like Krishna receives from Mirabai. Allah wants his people to be infatuated with him and his works. He wants to be sought after and longed for all day every day just like every god wants from their people. However, Allah is a just god and reminds his people of that through several verses. In the Qu’ran, it shows Allah as a fearful and fair god when his people are not completely submissive. However, in Mirabai, we receive no evidence of Krishna being this way. The first instance within the Qu’ran is in the story of Cain and Abel when one of the brothers says, “I fear God, the Lord of all worlds,” after the other has threatened to kill him, his own flesh and blood. The brother would rather be killed than raise his hand to defend and hurt his brother and go against his god’s will. The next example of this is when Allah tells the rabbis and scholars not to fear the disbelievers but fear him instead. Allah wants to be feared
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