Throughout The Bible There Are Certain Events That Occur

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Throughout the bible there are certain events that occur in the Old Testament that foreshadow events in the New Testament, which create a parallel within the books. One such parallel can be found that connects Genesis 22, in the old testament, and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in the New Testament. In Genesis 22, the request for Isaac to be sacrificed by Abraham as a test of his faith in God, is a foreshadowing of, the crucifixion of Christ in three distinct ways. These three similarities pertain to the likeness of a Christ figure who is an only son, that acts as a sacrifice for sin. There are two distinct differences, however, that also play a role when evaluating the parallel between the Old and New Testament. These two differences…show more content…
A major parallel, that refers to both Isaac and Christ are referred to as an “only begotten son” by God, draws a connection between the Old and New Testament that really accentuates the foreshadow of Christ. When the quote is being put in reference to Isaac, it is important to understand the history of Abraham 's past. Abraham had only one son, Isaac, but yet was told God was to produce a nation out of him. Abraham, therefore, by trusting in God and allowing his only son to become a sacrifice is an amazing act of faith that helps deeper the understanding of Jesus’s crucifixion. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary described the resolution to this event as “a silent confidence that the Lord will provide.” Similarly, Jesus was also an only son to Mary by the blessing of an immaculate conception. By Jesus understanding his purpose in being the ultimate sacrifice is another testament of faith in God. It is written in Matthew that “He trusts in God”, in reference to Christ after he was crucified and that he would be delivered by God because of who he was. By understanding the very likeness of the parallel of these two “only begotten sons” and their dedication in trusting within the Lord, stems a deeper connection between the Old and New Testament.
The most prevalent likeness that unties the texts are that they both include a sacrifice. In the old testament, Abraham
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