Throughout The Course Of A Pregnancy, Women Are Constantly

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Throughout the course of a pregnancy, women are constantly told to provide a healthy and safe environment for their child to grow and develop within their womb. In the United States it is common knowledge to take prenatal vitamins, go see the doctor for checkups regularly, and to continue to eat healthy and work out while pregnant. However, not many people think that they themselves can provide a harmful environment for their fetus by experiencing certain emotions or stress. Anxiety and depression are both seen at high rates in pregnant women during the pregnancy as well as postpartum (Paul, Downs, Schaefer, Beiler, Weisman, 2013). It is possible that the mothers’ emotional state during pregnancy can cause negative health outcomes after…show more content…
Then they were interviewed via telephone surveys at two weeks, two months, and six months (Paul, et al, 2013). During these interviews the mothers were asked about health care use, breastfeeding duration, anxiety, and depression. Two scales were used in order to assess the participant’s anxiety and depression levels: State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Survey (EPDS). A score of forty or higher of the STAI and a score of twelve or higher of the EPDS indicated positive results (Paul, et al, 2013). At baseline during the postpartum hospital stay, the mean of the anxiety scores assessed using the State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) included 192 or 17.1% of the mothers participating in the study. This data concluded that a positive STAI was significantly higher compared to the data collected from the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Survey (EPDS) which displayed 42 or 3.7% of the subjects screened positive for depression (Paul, et al, 2013). The participant’s anxiety and depression levels were also affected by the delivery method, weight of the child, and becoming a mother for the first time. Hospital based services were linked to mothers who screened positive on their baseline assessment for anxiety. Some of these services included: the emergency department, inpatient, and outpatient facilities. Unplanned visits to the doctors or other outpatient clinics were also seen being used more frequently with mothers

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