Throughout The History Of Mankind, The Greatest Inventors

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Throughout the history of mankind, the greatest inventors were the few who paved their own roads to success and thought outside the box. Orville and Wilbur Wright were no exceptions to this. In their quest for manned mechanical flight these two men would shock the world of flight with their new provoking ideas. The wright brothers would go on to design the first sustainable automated craft. The Wright brothers were arguably the greatest innovators of the 20th century and would go on to transform man’s dream of flying and have a long-lasting effect on flying machines a In 1867 Wilbur wright was born the third of seven wright children. Wilbur was born in Millville Indiana but would not stay for long. Wilbur’s father, Milton, was a minister…show more content…
After Orville had dropped out of school the brothers would start the begging’s of their innovative careers. In 1889, the brothers opened a printing business. This may not seem like much but they ended up designing and building their own printing press they used for their shop. The wright brothers printing store did well for them they mostly dealt with advertisements and a few newspapers here and there. Despite the success of the store they desired more than printing as it became relatively boring to them. It wasn’t the idea of printing that was so exciting it was building the printing press that Orville enjoyed the most. In the 1890s bicycles were starting to get very popular and Orville and Wilbur were infatuated with them. Orville went even as far entering local bike races. The brothers found a new passion and in 1893 they would go on to open their own bicycle shop. This shop mostly sold bicycles but also had a repair shop where they would fix them up if needed. Most of the bikes they sold were bought from outside companies but they would end up making a small amount of them on their own in the shop. The bicycle shop did well enough to relocate to a larger location but 1895. As interested as they were in the bicycle business it wasn’t long lived and would end up closing in 1908, During these years working in their bicycle shop is when they really took on their interest in flying. In the 1890s there was a man who would fly gliders by the name of Otto

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