Throughout This Essay, I Am Going To Investigate Using

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Throughout this essay, I am going to investigate using various references and ABS journals, what exactly is the role of a line manager in Human Resource Management. Mangers in any type of business are so vital as they control what happens in the background, whether it being with fellow employees or their head of office. They also meet the needs of many consumers, mangers are often seen as important when consumers may have a problem, whether it being in retail , manger will be on the floor, or by contacting either over the phone or e-mail etc. No place can run without a manger, you need someone to be able to direct and influence employees so that the business or organization’s goals are met and achieve to the highest standard.…show more content…
(2) The second role/ responsibility of a line manager is managing the business’s finances and use of their resources. The line manager should be able to use the resources available to them within their control to achieve their goals and objectives. Employee engagement is another thing a line manager is engaged with. A line manager in charge of taking charge and supervising the employees in the business. They are in charge of creating an organisation culture for teams within the business among employees. The line manager can decide to focus on all the employees strengths and encourage them to take action and communicate with each other. It’s a good idea for the line manager to focus on the positive and not the negative, if a line manager was to only focus on the negative, will then knock confidence in any employees and shy them away from making suggestions or communicating. Although Performance appraisal is designed by particular HR individuals, they are implemented by the line managers who are in contact with the employees. In a performance appraisal, employees performance and behaviours are accessed and then rated by these direct line managers in the business. When feedback is given, it must be implemented in the correct manner in order for it to be anyway effective. If the line managers were to show any disinterest the
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