Throughout This Internship, Courses Like Coms 123: Writing

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Throughout this internship, courses like COMS 123: Writing for Public Information, COMS 121: Media Aesthetics, MKTG 125: Advertising, and COMS 187: Issue Management and Case Study PR comprehensively prepared me for what my internship requests of me. I have successfully applied my understanding of writing and creating for the media, but there are more courses that would have greatly benefitted me. Courses that may have been useful to take include JOUR 153: Mass Media Law and Regulation, MKTG 123: Public Relations and Ethics, and a course in Visual Communication for Modern Media. Prior to taking on this internship, taking JOUR 153: Mass Media Law and Regulation would be incredibly resourceful to understand before working with various…show more content…
By understanding how to design for television, newspapers, magazines, video, and public relations, I would give superior advertisements that generate more awareness for the organization. If this course was available in the curriculum, I would not hesitate to learn and improve creative skills for designing for various mediums. 4. What was missing or disappointing, if anything, about this internship? What was especially rewarding and educational? ________________________________________ What was disappointing was how little time I spent in the office or studio. While it is easier to work from home on a time and billing format, it would be easier if the organization let me come into the studio on a set schedule each week. My first tasks were online, managing the social media outlets; which, while easy to do from home on a computer, is an area that can possibly be more clear and detailed if done at the studio and office. The hours at this location were too flexible and I had to push to get more duties and responsibilities assigned to me before the semester ended. Another piece that was missing from this organization was clear communication. While I was not scheduled weekly to intern at the studio, I was also not given specific hours to come in or complete repetitive work. In order for me to earn my hours, I needed to constantly call to ask permission to come to the studio and offer my assistance. Communication was greatly missing too with the executive

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