Throughout the annals of humanity, there have been two predominant groups in a society. The first

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Throughout the annals of humanity, there have been two predominant groups in a society. The first group is made up of individuals who possess the power to define the proper characteristics of those who belong into the dominant group. The secondary groups of people are referred to as the “others”. The “other” is nothing more than a mere social construct developed by the dominant party to either exclude or subordinate the groups of people who do not fit the normal characteristics or mores of the dominant group in their respective society. This process is dehumanizing, and these appellations create social barriers that inhibit the growth and evolution of society. Othering is a very insidious process that defies the human conscience.…show more content…
The traits of a male were considered to be positive and neutral, and the traits of a female were considered negative. (Beauvoir, 2) The gender roles for women were defined by their anatomy, yet the male gender was not forced to define or consider their own anatomy. It was ignored. (Beauvoir, 2) Males considered their bodies to be a normal connection to the Earth. (Beauvoir, 2) However the woman’s body is viewed as a burden because women lack the male glands that men define as superior and natural. Women were considered incomplete and defective. (Beauvoir, 2) Men extrapolated the idea that women were inferior and unable to make rational decisions due to their anatomical structure. This banal and bigoted ideology originated from the book of Genesis in the bible. Because Eve was created from the bones of Adams; she was considered to be inferior to him. Men such as Aristotle and Bossuet have reinforced this ludicrous ideology by emphasizing that women were considered secondary to men due to their anatomy. (Beauvoir, 3) Furthermore, men view women as intellectually inferior to men due to the anatomical differences. A dualistic nature between man and woman was developed. Humanity was considered to be male. The roles and definitions of femininity were created and reinforced by man. (Beauvoir, 3) Women were considered inessential, and that they cannot live without men. This dualistic nature of self and other was the driving
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