Throuhput Case Study

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1. six factor which affect OR throuhput 2. Case delay ,Excess paperwork ,Other ,Room unstocked ,IV start ,TAT* > 30 minutes. 3. Case delay was the most frequent factor. 4. 40.38% of cases take longer than 10 minute for holding time. Defects per million opportunities = 403,846 Average = 11.6minutes 5. Wait times before surgical procedures improved 2.4 points (ie, a score based on percentage) from 85.7 to 88.1. Communication of information regarding delays that did occur improved 2.3 points from 85.9 to 88.2. Patient perception of how well staff members worked together improved 1.4 points from 95.8 to 97.2 with statistically significant gains at a .05 confidence level. The overall facility rating improved 1.2 points from 93.2 to 94.4, and ambulatory
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