Throw Away The Master's Tools Analysis

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Outposts In Your Head: Autism And Societal Norms We live in a diverse global community that is becoming more and more accepting of different races, sexual orientations and creeds, but still, neurodiveristy is something that hasn't been fully accepted by society. In Throw Away the Master’s Tools, Nick Walker explains how Autism is viewed as a disease and an affliction rather than diversity of the mind. While this text may seem like it is not a major issue to some and the very complex language may put some off, this is still a serious issue in our society. Throughout the text Walker discusses a “paradigm shift” which is when the thinking of an entire society is fundamentally changed. For example the view of sexual orientation was a major paradigm shift in the past few decades with being “Gay” having a negative connotation among many people but today has become a societal norm. One wonders then how does acceptance of an idea spread and change minds of an entire culture?…show more content…
“To treat one particular group as the normal or default group inevitably serves to privilege that group and to marginalize those who don't belong who don't belong to the group.” (p189) Walkers purpose for composing this text is to protest against the idea of normality and the hidden oppression of many groups such as autistic people. He refers to the hidden oppression as outposts. Walker goes on to explain how outposts represent the things that neurominorites go through when they accept what society thinks is normal, which is as Walker describes a phenomena of internalized oppression. The main key to a paradigm shift is to first solve the issue of internalized oppression, this is a complex issue to solve because people with autism have been treated differently and seen as diseased so they will now think that they have been
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