Throw Out That List: The New Stereotypes Of Women

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In an attempt to eliminate stereotypes, women have fought and made a place for themselves in a ¨man’s world¨ only to find themselves living a double life. Women have a harder time than males living up to society’s stereotypes. Media and social pressure have caused women to fill, not only traditional female roles, but expectations of society. Women are expected to be feminine and proper while also being able to maintain a steady job, On the other hand, men have been relieved of most of the hunting and gathering stereotypes and the pressure is on them to allow women to fill their traditional roles. The new stereotype of a woman is a feminine traditional male.

For centuries it has been seen that women have a harder time than males living up to society’s stereotypes. In the last 100 years women’s roles have changed from being wives and moms to being career women, supermodels as well as wives and mothers. In the article Throw Out That List, it states ¨Young women no longer just aspire to work; they expect and usually need to work. At the same time, though women are also still expected to be the primary caregivers at home, the ones who make the sandwiches and mend the fences and kiss the inevitable hurts.¨ To add to the pressures of having and maintaining a career, women are expected to be able to get a husband and start a family while maintaining a proper and ladylike manner.
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In a clip from summer magic a girl is teaching her younger sisters how to get a boyfriend and says ¨Act shy, act feminine, laugh but not loudly, hide the real you.¨ Women are expected to be able to switch their emotions on and off like a lightbulb. In the business world they are supposed to be confident and outgoing, however in the home they are expected to be quiet and
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