Throw Your Hands in the Air Maybe You´ll Hit a Drone Essay

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Throw Your Hands In The Air…Maybe You’ll Hit A Drone It is never too early to be concerned about the future. Especially if the argument and the justification for concern can be made now. Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon has proposed a drone fleet that will venture into an unfamiliar frontier of package delivery, bringing customers all orders under 5lbs their package by one of Amazons specially designed “octocopters”. Though this plan is nothing more than to use drones to deliver packages the idea is extreme and has people up in arms. The reason people are concerned is because they foresee the older and larger issues that are being reintroduced by this new plan. The issue of drone use has been an extremely controversial topic in the US. There has…show more content…
Speaker, is surveillance, not the delivery of packages.” Poe is not only voicing his own concerns in his statement, but also the concern of his constituents. Poe is fully aware of the larger issue because as a Republican representative from Texas he has been in many meetings in congress for different issues that all address protecting privacy of Americans. Poe knows that if the plan were to grow that would mean the American government is supporting and putting time, effort, and funds into something that goes towards violating the right to privacy the American people have. However, the authors response to the Poe statement is to present evidence of another senator who claims, "Before drones start delivering packages, we need the FAA to deliver privacy protections for the American public," This defense to the argument that people shouldn’t be concerned of Amazon’s drone use yet this falls short of addressing the real issue. Senator Ed Markey, who made this defense, is ignoring the point that this plan like any other drone related plan would be infringing people’s privacy. People are right to be up in arms so they can protect themselves from the government allowing their privacy to be violated. To claim that its only with regard to the Amazon drones is a bold claim because there are a hundred other proposed plans from the past that have threatened or actually
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