Throwing Emotions On The Dogs

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Throwing Emotions to the Dogs The ability to love, to hurt, to worry, to care, is not a human privilege but a right of living beings. As members of the superior species on this planet, humans have the general ideal that they reserve all rights to any sign of higher level cognition including the capacity to feel and express emotions. However, there have been several studies conducted that prove that Homo sapiens are not the only beings that have this capacity. There are many species of animals that not only contain the ability to feel and express emotion, they do so uniquely. In much of the research that has been conducted, results indicate that mammals may or may not understand feelings in the exact way humans are able to comprehend them. Even with this being said, on some instinctive level, it is clear that their ability to feel sensations such as fear or maternal love is very much intact. A large portion of the tests written about, compare areas of the human brain to that of certain mammals. These experiments show that the different brains have numerous functions in common when looking at the sensory cortex and the amygdala which is responsible for the “fight or flight” instinct. These results lead to the conclusion that animals do indeed fall somewhere on the spectrum of emotional comprehension. In other studies conducted, researchers question if pet owners familiarity to their companions influence their opinion on just how much animals are capable of feeling and
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