Throwing Our Planet On The Garbage

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Throwing Our Planet in the Garbage It is something that we all have heard about. The horrific challenges we face with plastic overwhelming our oceans have created an awful picture in all of our minds at one time or another, but have you ever thought about whether or not all of our oceans are being affected? What about how much garbage is accumulating in our precious oceans and the effects that accumulation is having on us. These are questions I have always been particularly intrigued in finding the answers to, though I know that some of the answers that we have concluded are only estimates. To look further into this issue, Laura Parker wrote an article titled “Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year”. The article was published by National Geographic in February of this year (2015), and will be my main source of information for this subject. According to Laura Parker’s article, “eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the ocean from coastal countries”. The worst offenders of those countries were compiled into a “top 20” list, putting China first and the United States in the twentieth spot. It may seem as though we are doing somewhat better than out counterparts, and this may be true in a sense. However, if we were truly doing our part, we would not be on this list at all. So why is it that only few of us seem to dispose of our waste properly? Not only that, but why is it that even the majority are doing their part, the problem continues to arise?
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