Thucydides vs Plato Essay

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Thucydides versus Plato Thucydides versus Plato on the nature of the Good Life Plato and Thucydides both had strikingly different views on their approach on the good life. Some have claimed that Plato is making normative claims, whereas Thucydides is making empirical claims. Let's start by taking a look at Plato. Plato's theory on the good life was based on the belief that everything has an objective or use that is typically suited for virtue, beauty, justice, and excellence of the precise thing, and everything will depend on the completion of that role. He considers the good life as being attained through the perfect love and lack of desire. Plato views the good life as the condition a person exhibits total virtue. Virtue…show more content…
The strong merely do what they allow their forces, and the weak give up. Thucydides outlooks on human environment was to persuade the weaker minds of the mean citizen of Athens to believe what they say is the best way for everyone. Not only does he see it as a way for the speaker to gain power in the interest of himself and not to the state but he also outlooks it as a necessity for the government to effectively function. Thucydides seems to believe acting from a position of strength is the best route to leading to a Good Life, a good example is when he recalls communication between Athens and Melos in the Melian dialogues. In Thucydides chronicle, the Athenian army squares off against the small island territory of Melos. Athenian leaders transmitted their officials to speak with leaders of Melos, but it’s too late for the Athenians are already determined to take over the small island at all costs. Nonetheless, the Melians somehow think that they may be able to steer clear of war while the Athenian army since Melos is associated with Sparta through heritage and has been unbiased in the confrontation between Athens and Sparta. While having a meeting with the Athenians inform the Melians that they must surrender their city and pay them tribute or face the destruction of their city. In conclusion two prominent greeks over twenty five centuries ago wrote daringly and analyzed ethical implications. These men also shined

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