Thugz Ville Research Paper

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In Thugz Ville, North Carolina there lives four families. All four families consist of a mom, dad and five kids. The first family is Esmeralda and her husband Ben along with their five children Ashley, Jack, Brett, Jessica, and Cassie. The second family includes Mayra her husband Alex and their five children Bentley, Karmen, Cooper, Natalee, and Jackson. The third family holds Reagan and her husband Bailey and their five kids Camden, Brooklyn, Grayson, Mackenzie, and Bennett. The last family includes Krystal and her husband Collin and their five children Blake, Heather, Maddie, Tori, and Tyler. These four families live in a run down, sketchy neighborhood, and it includes top security to protect all vehicles and prized possessions; including…show more content…
He and his best friend, Carl Pearl came up with a system for when you move into a house. Your realtor places seven hundred fifty thousand dollars under your welcome mat. Paper money, in my country, is called Wings and all change is called Pearls. Main headquarters in Australia distributes all money to the citizens. In Thugz Ville, along with getting seven hundred fifty thousand dollars handed to you, you also have three vehicles already in you garage. You have a 2016 Black F150 Ferrari, a 2016 Black Ford Super Duty truck, and finally a 2017 Polaris Slingshot. You are also equipped with ten years worth of gas. When the ten years is up you have to purchase your own gas for every…show more content…
They both live in Thugz Ville with their families. They met a woman named Krystal. She's originally from Russia and moved here with her husband, Collin and their five children. To this day Esmeralda, Mayra, and Reagan are not speaking to each other, even though they are neighbors and see each other every morning. It all ended a long time ago, when Esmeralda made the bad decision of trading her friends for drug
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