Thunder And The Jungle Comparison

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In the story you meet our characters Billing a fellow hunter, Kramer another hunter, Lesperance the assistant, Mr.Travis the tour guide and Eckels the main hunter. They start off by meeting at Time Safari Inc, to find out what they will be doing. They then find out what they will be doing and get into the time machine to go to the Jungle where they are supposed to complete a task . Where in the jungle we find out who our protagonist and antagonists. Our protagonist is Eckels because he has to kill the dinosaur then try to get home safe and not mess with or mess up anything in the past because it could change the future and time is our antagonists because if they mess anything up then the whole world and time would be messed up forever and they…show more content…
One of many similarities is that they both involve having a Tyrannosaurus Rex. “Out of the mist, one hundred yards away, came Tyrannosaurus Rex.” They both also take place in three different areas the time machine, Times Safari Inc. and the jungle. One other thing they have in common is that they both involve having to go back in time to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex and they both talk about how you can´t go off the path or you could mess something up or change the future. They both have the metal pathway going through the jungle that the men have to walk on so they don’t mess anything up or kill any bugs or leave any…show more content…
I would more recommend the book because the book is what was used to make the film and again had more detail and better explaining and I like to imagine and think better than watching the movie. Someone other reason I would recommend the book is because you can get an idea about what the film was going to be like. Lastly, I would recommend the movie so you can see most things and because of how fun is was to look and see things that are not the same in the book and the film and you could see how scary and big the T-Rex is and how scary it would be do be doing what they were
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