Thunderstorm Essay

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With an earth-shattering roar, lightning cleaved through the sky and bit viciously into a towering tree. The massive conifer burst into vibrant flames; the only light in the wind-lashed forest. Torrents of rain poured on to it, causing gouts of steam to fill the air. The other trees moaned in the furious wind, as if they mourned the loss of their fellow. An unfortunate traveler slowly backed away from the tree he had been sheltering under. Raindrops the size of bullets and slabs of sleet slapped onto his back, but were immediately shaken off by his shivering. He cursed his ill-fortune under his breath as he stumbled to the edge of the forest. A vast field lay beyond the trees. The gale was causing great waves of grass to roll across…show more content…
He pressed both of the buttons and the Pokéballs rapidly enlarged. “Right,” he said out loud, his voice barely audible over the sounds of the storm. “Dion, are you awake?” He felt a curious sensation in his mind as the Psychic Pokémon mingled its consciousness with his; it felt rather like a sudden realization save that the new knowledge didn’t belong to him. Its thoughts were slurred as it was aroused from its sleep-like state inside the ball. What is it? It mumbled, almost incoherent. Battle? Food? The Psychic type began gathering the man’s thoughts, making him fidget uncomfortably. Oh, said Dion. It was just rain? I thought you have fallen into a lake or the Arctic Sea. Dios continued rummaging in his mind. After a while, amusement rippled through his mind. Dan, are you really going to kill Tyris? Wring his neck, you say? Well, if you climb up a tree first – Dan glowered pointlessly into the air. Just let me talk to him, will you? Fine, fine. The Pokémon’s presence faded. In a few seconds, Dios returned, along with a meek, cringing second mind. Tyris, thought Dan in a false cheery tone. So nice of you to drop in. How has your rest been? His tone did little to hide the annoyance flaring brightly in his mind. Ah, good, replied a tremulous, soprano voice. There was a few seconds of silence. Tyris finally ventured a tentative query. Are you- Why, yes. Yes I am. The image of a huge green dragon squirming uncomfortable flashed briefly into
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