Thursday Evening by Morley Analysis

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The excerpt under analysis is taken from a play "Thursday Evening" written by Christopher Morley. He was born in 1890. He is an American author, received unusual recognition early in his career. Among his widely known novels are "Kitty Foyle" and "The Trojan Horse". The subject matter of the excerpt is a quarrel between Laura and Gordon, a married couple, they have to struggle through and a common mother-in-law stereotype, which Christopher Morley opposes the with two very likable and charming women. The plot is developed on the basis of conflict between different set of values, Laura’s and Gordon’s, due to their different social background. The organization of the contents is straight-narrative presentation, because the events are …show more content…
From Laura’s words It’s a wonder you wouldn’t get a job as a scavenger, I never heard of a husband like you, rummaging through the garbage pail we see humorous and ironical key, which is saved in Gordon’s replies, to strengthen this effect he uses exaggeration the one unforgivable sin is waste. Laura is tired of Gordon’s attacks and she acts according to principles a good defense is a good offense. Morley uses parallel constructions in her replies You’re always quick.. you don’t seem.. you come back.. There are some rhetorical questions such as do you ever say a word of praise? Is it necessary to shout? that make dialogs sound true to life. As they go on quarrelling they involve their son and future marriage If he gets married…To depict the tension of the situation the author resorts to a very successful case of parallel constr.and anaphoric repetition, also Laura says He will get married he shall get married. And the modal verb contributes much to the effect of gradation. The argument is too absurd, and this is achieved by the metaphor in handcuffs which author uses in Gordon reply to Laura’s words about Juniors upbringing. Gordon addresses Laura an expectant mother in law and it is a pun that supplements the comic effect, as well as ironical remark of Gordon let’s see if you can ratify it from your extensive observation of life and pun I did’t find fault I found some good food being wasted. Then again follows a
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