Thursday Night Football Business Analysis

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In an article published in ‘Media New York Times’ news was pointed out that Amazon customers would be able to watch 10 live “Thursday Night Football” games in the coming season because The National Football League has made terms with Amazon that pay about $50 million to get stream right of N.F.L. games, while Twitter just agrees to pay $10 million. These games will be broadcast NFL Network and Amazon on Thursday night. Prime customers can directly watch these live games since subscription fees ($99 a year) include a video service. This agreement also is viewing habits shift from traditional watch to Internet and digital devices. Moreover, Amazon and Netflix not only invest money into video services, but also make their original programming.…show more content…
For Amazon, this partnership is the equivalent of product innovations. According to the conventional definition of product innovations, in order to develop or introduce new market, redesigned or substantially improved good. Include a new product's invention; quality improvements for original product. For Amazon, it already has a large number of users, when the N.F.L. decided to play these games in Amazon, not only League can catch younger, but also Amazon also can provide one new video service for prime customers. In additional, this kind of service will be prompt people to become Amazon’s members. Actually, it is one ascension technological segment of general environment; Amazon will fill in the blank of live games through product innovations. In additional, like other Internet companies have had these kinds of services, so “Thursday Night Football” also success to beat their competitors. Compare with Twitter pay $10 million to N.F.L. last year, buying cost of Amazon is relatively high, but Amazon’s advantage is that possess as many as 60 million households, which not just younger, there are whole family. Therefore, Amazon can purchase the streaming rights of “Thursday Night Football” even though the rate that from television audience to Internet audience is drop on Twitter. Final, through the cooperation, Amazon will be develop more new products to catch the market remand, which as a way of improving essentially firm’s general
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