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The Cold War as it is called was a war that started because of tensions between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union and its allies. The tensions that developed were primarily over military, political, cultural and social ideas that varied greatly between the two nations. Each Nation and its allies developed a distrust that would last for many years and introduce new military and political methods that would shape our future.
The Cold War was not a war as we would think with destruction and loss of life. What the Cold War became was distrust between Nations that caused conflict and tension between these nations. The two major countries involved in the conflict were the United States and the Soviet Union. Both of these
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Stalin thought the USA and Britain had not helped the USSR enough in World War II. They charged the United States with practicing imperialism and attempting to stop revolutionary activity in other countries. Both nations were somewhat correct in their fears. The United States was trying to encourage Capitalism, and the Soviet Union was trying to spread communism, but they both believed it was the politically, socially and militarily correct thing to do. Because of these strong beliefs the tensions between the two nations grew stronger, and negotiations grew further apart. The tensions between what was often referred to as the West (United States) and the East (Soviet Union) grew stronger. Espionage, spying and the development of nuclear weapons was on the rise. Each nation was counter acting each others moves to be stronger and stay ahead of the other in the field of military operations. Propaganda was on the rise to raise awareness of the others actions and build encouragement for their respective views. The distrust that was developing was growing stronger as the war carried on. However, each nation knew that a real war involving the loss of men and destruction of property was not a solution. Both the United States and the Soviet Union were equally strong, some with large armies and others with weapons of mass destruction. Each nation was trying to match or overtake the other in both these areas which lead

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