Thy Sacrifice is Thy Salvation

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Thy Sacrifice is Thy Salvation Novels hold telling testaments within fraying pages, binding spines, breathless words, all to the sway of theme and development. The complexity of a story can neither be salvaged nor understood but from the barest elements that comprise its thematic importance. As this is but a proclaimed truth, it is given that the themes of a narrative are the skeletal system as the parchment serves as its skin, the central core to which without the foundation of, the entire system crumbles into but a mass. A Tale of Two Cities is a work of grand depth, though its most fundamental seed is but the importance of rebirth through sacrifice. This overarching theme is rooted in each character sprung from its roots, wrapped…show more content…
Charles Darnay comes to us as a man of seemingly wondrous fortune, luck, though seeming of little true consequence despite the manner of his introduction. These are the starting frames of their character, the shallow impressions, the skeletons that shall parade through the pages of the book, chapters, gaining their nerves and skin - becoming men - reborn from ashes lost. In term of Dr. Manette, his miraculous transformation comes in the form of aid of his daughter, Lucie, that allows him to shoulder transpired events, to become again the man that once was, to cast aside the shell, to fill the hollowness, evolving into not a shadow of his former self, but a mirror, then an evolution, stronger both in body as well as mind - breathing, through actions and pages, capturing and reborn from the ruins - dramatic. Despite this miracle, there is no greater a seeming transformation, in the eyes of reader and narrator, than that of Sydney Carton, whose sacrifice can be summarized in the simple phrase - he kept his word. The giving of himself, for another, to cover another, a sacrifice so great that he is not only reborn in terms of character - but also in the eyes of the knowing. To think the unlikely, to think of the seemingly unkind, the shadows - one never thinks that they shall step forth, shall do anything great, or anything near. Charles Darnay is reborn as well, though in a light that I
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