Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Essay

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Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar

     Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar was born in Rome on November 16, 42 BC.
Four years after his birth his mother divorced his father and married Octavian.
Tiberius was a descendant of the Claudian family who moved to Rome shortly after the foundation of the city. The Claudians did not respect others who were not of noble ancestry.
     After Tiberius was four he was raised to be a loyal servant of Augustus.
Tiberius is associated with Augustus for 22 years. Augustus had Tiberius carefully educated. Augustus later forced Tiberius to dissolve his happy marriage to Vipsania Agrippina and marry Augustus' daughter Julia. This was arranged to better the chance of
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Tiberius began to take firm steps against foreign beliefs because he thought they were a threat to traditional Roman values. He expelled followers of the Egyptian and Jewish religions from Rome and banished astrologers. Tiberius believed in astrology himself but probably feared a possible conspiracy inspired by horoscopes.
     Tiberius established a central camp for the Praetorian guard in Rome so the military could be quickly called to put down civilian violence. Civilian riots were common because of the large population of unemployed that were provided for by the public dole. Lucius Aelius Sejanus was in charge of these troops and that gave him an enormous amount of potential power. He aspired to marry Livia Julia, Tiberius daughter, and worked to increase the emperor's fear and distrust of other members of his Tiberius family. In AD 26 Tiberius left
Rome and withdrew to Campania, and the following year went to the island of
Capri. Tiberius left Rome under the power of Sejanus. Finally realizing that
Sejanus was trying to seize the imperial power he sent a carefully worded letter to the senate. The senate read the letter while the unsuspecting Sejanus sat in the senate chamber. Tiberius bitterly condemned Sejanus. Quick action was then taken to execute Sejanus and his family. Incidents such as this one gave
Tiberius a bad name with the people of Rome and the senate. Tiberius continued to rule Rome and the

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