Tibor Kalman Research Paper

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Tibor Kalman Being brought into the world in 1984 and quickly meeting his grave at the age of 50, Tibor Kalman was still able to make his mark in the design world. According to a biography written by Steven Heller, a journalist for AIGA, Tibor Kalman was essentially a “design legend” during his short time as a designer. Starting off as a NYU drop out not long after starting university, he quickly came up in the world by first becoming a manager at Barnes & Nobel as well as the Alliance of Graphic arts. This later blossomed into something that was more long term when Tibor joined forces with two women known as Liz Trovato and Carol Bokuniewicz. The trio then set out to opening up the M & Co. According to a blog made specifically about graphic designers, “the company dealt with various clients including Talking Heads, and provided a wide range of solutions” to their customers. (thesis)These solutions bring one to one of the many works Kalman…show more content…
According to AIGA, “Tibor helped produce a series of controversial advertisements focusing on AIDS, racism, refugees, violence, and warfare that carried the Benetton logo”. A blog made about famous graphic designers, an article named “Tibor Kalman”, also explains that Kalman was allegedly the “commander in chief” when Colors was created. One of his designs that will be shown blow was seen as one of his starting points in the business. This piece was interesting because of how he tackles the taboo of AIDS, and shows how we need to except that it is a problem. This issue was also published in 1994 when AIDS first broke out in an epidemic in the United States of America. It also shows many forms of hierarchy, as well as alignment as one turns each page. The hierarchy can be seen in how Kalman grouped the information on each of the pages, and alignment is definitely shown on the front color to make someone pick up the
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