Tic Tac And The Tac

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Tic Tac is one of the leading producers of breath mints in the country. It is owned by one of the largest companies, Ferrero Group. Ferrero Group has over 36 companies, 15 factories and almost 20,000 employees working for them around the world. The products from the Tic Tac product line are sold all over the globe particularly in Europe, Australia, South America, and the USA. Tic Tac has experienced great appreciation and sales for it product called “Tic Tac Chill” mints. The Chill mints have a new and unique design and mints were larger in size themselves than regular Tic Tac mints. Additionally, Tic Tac uses natural sweetener attracting more diet-conscious and diabetic customers. This new product has a versatile design that has flip-top packaging unlike the other products. At the same time, it keeps the originality of Tic Tac mints while retaining the classic packaging and product image. With the adoption of new flavors and packaging, we need to weigh both the benefits and the risks associated with changing the product’s packaging. Lets begin with laying out the risks associated with the change in packaging. The excerpt tells us that the market for Tic Tac breath mints has increased ever since 1969. This indicates that the breath mints are not a new-to-the-world product. Customers have seen this product before, in fact, breath mints are a convenience product for many consumers. Breath mints are in there maturity stage in the product life cycle. In this stage new users
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