Ticketing Agent Short Story

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On a recent trip to the airport, I was stuck in over two hours of traffic. Finally, after reaching check-in, the line for Security just seemed to wrap and wrap around. “I will be calm,” I said. “I know I'm going to make the flight.” I had a wedding to get to, and I was already going to be three hours late to the event. After filing through security, I zoomed as fast as I could down the corridors, whisking past stores, people and escalators. I was there! The finish line was right in front of me and I ran to show my ticket to the ticketing agent. “Sorry, the flight is closed,” she said. “What do you mean closed, it’s seven minutes before the flight!” I was more than a little concerned that they had closed the gate. “Isn't there something you…show more content…
“Yesod HaChasidus V'Shoresh HaAvodah...” The foundation of piety and the root of true service is for a person to understand what their purpose is in this world. What they should be yearning for, how they should focus and where to put their energy. A person that doesn't create a foundation, will be easily swayed away from their purpose. No matter how consistent they are in their actions, whether it be actions of mitzvos, or actions of character, if there is no set foundation, it can crumble in an instant. Furthermore, if the roots of one's life are not set and are not nurturing from nourishing sources, then growth will quickly turn to decay and a person's passions will wither away, into a state of spiritual…show more content…
At that point, you can allow your roots and your spiritual yearnings to find new excitement and a palpable connection to life. But if you start sending the roots out, if you yearn for spirituality without defining your basis for doing so, you will cause the roots to be uprooted, and the spiritual seeker will have to search for spirituality outside of the framework of their true purpose in life. They will be doing things that feel good and feel spiritual without connecting to the true foundation of their life, the life that G-d presents before
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