Ticketmaster Case Analysis

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Introduction and Case Background Company Background Founded in 1976 and headquartered in West Hollywood, California, Ticketmaster is the world’s number one live entertainment ticketing and marketing company. Ticketmaster operates in over twenty markets worldwide, serving more than 9,000 clients across multiple event categories. It provides exclusive ticketing services for leading arenas, stadiums, professional sports franchises and leagues, college sports teams, performing arts venues, museums, and theaters. Ticketmaster’s pledge to its clients is, “To provide the best systems, services, and tools for the optimal sale of tickets to the widest possible audience. For Ticketmaster consumers, its pledge is, “To provide convenient,…show more content…
Ticketmaster though has the solid relationship built with the client and works differently as they only work to sell tickets at the pre-determined price set by the client they work for. Stubhub is different in that they are a niche ticket market for consumers seeking tickets to events only. Ebay in fact purchased Stubhub as to acquire market share in this sector. Stubhub also provides consumers the option to buy directly from each other but this is the only specialty service they provide. They are the industry leader in the type of ticket sales. Stubhub has been very innovative in providing some specialized services such as VIP packages. They also split the commission cost with the buyer and seller. So although the price of the ticket is the same, the seller retains more of the revenue from the sale of the ticket. This obviously entices sellers to use Stubhub. They also have partnered with Fedex to be able to guarantee delivery of the tickets to the buyer. This eliminates some of the potential problems of buying and selling tickets through such a service as Stubhub. Tickets are guaranteed for both the buyer and seller from Stubhub. Internal Analysis When we reviewed Ticketmaster internally, we looked at the firm value chain, the core competencies that exist, Ticketmaster’s technology, and the social and legal challenges that may exist. The firm’s value chain and core competencies are its paper tickets, etickets, and their box office
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