Tide vs. Hammer

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Matt Ficke Dr. Megan Gannon English 151 9/27/2012 Tide vs. Arm & Hammer Washing laundry has been a part of everyday people’s lives for a very long time. However, what people are struggling with now is what soap to use. In todays world the top leading companies in laundry detergent are Tide and Arm & Hammer. The laundry business is a long term industry with roots tracing back before the invention of washing machines. Both of these products have been around for a long time and both are among the industry leaders. Both advertise and compete with each other using multiple forms of media. Both of these products advertise to everybody, because everybody wants and needs their clothes washed. All washes…show more content…
According to Zach all detergents have the same stuff in it and whichever one is the cheapest he will get. This could be one of the audiences that Arm & Hammer is trying to reach, college students that don’t have a lot of spending money, They may know or believe that Arm & Hammer may not be the best detergent, however it’s cheaper than most its competitors and it gets the job done. These are different products but they both work in the same way they both have the same marketing and advertising practices. Both companies advertise their charitable work, which are consistent with the product, on television. Both have websites that are bright, cheerful, and informative and help push the product and charitable agendas. In addition both of these products have been available to the public for a long period of time. Neither is more efficient nor more informative than the other, the only difference in their price and the colors on their bottles and ads. If I was an advertiser for Tide I would first change the color of the bottle and ads. According to scientists, the colors red and orange scientists believe these colors give off the emotions of aggressiveness, vigilance, and anger. Although these colors have been a part of

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