Tier 2-List Country Essay

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Japan is a Tier 2 Watch List Country, It has earned this designation because it does not fully adhere to the minimum standards for the elimination of human trafficking. For example, Japan did not prosecute or convict forced labor perpetrators. Furthermore, Japan did not provide or develop protection and assistance programs for trafficking victims. Moreover, Japans serves as a source, transit and destination country, for men women and children. Men and women are often used for forced labor, while children are primarily used for sex trafficking. Japans TIP rating has not changed since 2009, Japan has remained a Tier 2 Watch List Country because it did not enact legislation that would help with the prosecution of human traffickers. Also, Japan’s definition of what constitutes human trafficking falls short of the definition given by international law. However, Japan did increase the number of prosecutions and the number of victims identified during the reporting period. Additionally, Japan has made fair efforts to increase its anti-trafficking laws. However, Japan still fails to recognize and forbid all forms of human trafficking. Japan convicted 27 traffickers, which was a substantial…show more content…
Also, Japan still fails to recognize and forbid all forms of human trafficking. However, it has made some efforts to fight human trafficking and even has a few laws on the book regarding it. Japan has also made small efforts to raise human trafficking awareness within the country. Even with these small improvements, there is still much work left to be done in Japan’s fight against human trafficking. As a result, several recommendations have been made like: Japan needs to better investigate, prosecute and punish traffickers. Overall, Japan must keep improving its efforts to end human
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