Tiffany Dhanbeer. Phil/ Soc 202. Professor Ramaina Prashad.

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Tiffany Dhanbeer Phil/ Soc 202 Professor Ramaina Prashad May 10th, 2017 Educational Philosophy An educational philosophy is a personal statement of a teacher’s goals or belief. A teacher comes to the classroom with a distinctive set of principles and ideals that affect how a student learns and expand the child’s potential in his or her venture into knowledge. I believe that education should be active, and focus on the whole child, rather than just the content or the teacher. The three (3) principles I believe that work harmoniously with my educational philosophy are the teacher acting as a facilitator to foster critical thinking, allowing the child’s natural curiosity to steer his or her learning for personal development, and…show more content…
However, some people may argue that students cannot have a voice in their learning because they do not have the professional training as that of a teacher. In order to facilitate learning, there must be some amount of preconceived knowledge to work with. Children enter a classroom without the knowledge and teachers are meant to “teach” them new knowledge using strict curriculum rather than merely “facilitate” what is not there. Therefore, the teacher is the leader of the classroom and tells us how to think and what to think about. However, despite this criticism, I believe that teaching should be collaborative with students because, in the end, learning is about the student and not the teacher. Delpit gave an example which showed that with some guidance students can construct their own knowledge in a way that they understand and teachers can use this understanding to plan new activities. This example shows exactly how teachers acting as guides, who foster thinking, are beneficial in the learning process for students. The second principle in support of educational philosophy is that educators should allow the student’s natural curiosity to steer his or her learning for personal development. It is significant that students have the opportunity to study things

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