Tiger Airways Swot Analysis

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SWOT Analysis 3 Appraisal of SWOT Analysis 4 Taking Advantage of Our Strengths 4 Reducing our Weaknesses 4 Taking Advantage of Opportunities 5 Looking out for Threats 5 References 6

SWOT Analysis

Strengths | Weaknesses | 1. Low Cost of Tickets 2. Low cost of maintenance – Fleet made up entirely of Airbus A320-200 3. Low Cost of Operations – Uses Budget Terminals 4. 1st low cost carrier in Singapore- Is recognized as the low cost leader 5. Operates in 13 countries & 35 destinations 6. Has tie-up with Hertz car rental | 1. Lack of free food / drinks 2. Service Standards seen as 2nd rate 3. Airplanes are not as comfortable as 1st rate airlines 4. Booking arrangements not as
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We will also be building our own pilot training centre, to recruit and train pilot trainees. By taking younger pilots we can afford to pay them lower than our current experienced pilots. We will also be setting up our own Aircraft maintenance division, as our aircraft numbers increase; it will be more profitable to have an in-house maintenance division, rather than outsourcing it.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

The Asean “Open Skies” agreement to be implemented by 2015 will allow us to increase the frequency and locations we fly to within Asean, we are well poised for these increases with the purchase of 48 new aircraft.
Looking out for Threats

The greatest cost for us is aviation fuel, in order to control this cost we will be trialing biofuel and allow our customers to purchase carbon credits similar to Continental Airlines. Needless to say we will be keeping a close eye on our competitors and match their pricing and destinations. We will also be working closely with our upcoming sister airline Scoot to ensure that our promotions do not clash, but rather complement each other with Transfer tie-ups and other promotions.

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