Tiger Moms: Are Their Results Really Worth The Sacrifice?

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Tiger Moms: Are Their Results Really Worth the Sacrifice?
Amy Chua is a Harvard educated lawyer who wrote a book about how “Chinese mothers” do a better job parenting than their counterparts “Western mothers”. In Chua's book she tells the readers about how there are two types of parenting styles either "western mothers" or "Chinese mothers" and why “Chinese mothers” are better parents. Chua puts herself into the category of a "Chinese mother" and then goes onto talk about how this is clearly the better teaching style of the two. Amy Chua uses personal stories from when she was raising her two kids, Sophia and Louisa to help her argument. When I finished reading the exert from Amy Chua’s book I came to one final conclusion about Amy Chua and “Chinese mothers” way of teaching. "Chinese mothers" should stop using such intense methods
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Chua does bring up valid points to defend her way of teaching her kids in her book. The first being that the country of China has really dominated the field of academics in the last few year pumping out students that are very dedicated to excellence getting results that would make these “Chinese mothers” very proud. She then goes on to tell us about teaching her seven year old daughter how to play “The Little White Donkey” on the piano. She also talks about how even though her rules were strict when she was teaching her daughter how to play “The Little White Donkey” including not letting her daughter have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, selling her doll house, or not getting presents for Christmas or Hanukkah until she mastered the piece. The daughter was able to perform the piece over and over again and not only did Chua feel accomplished but so did her daughter. Which would lead you to believe that all the things that she threatened her daughter with worked without repercussions. Chua often references how “western mothers” are too soft on their kids, how they do not push
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