Tiger Woods Apology Press Conference Essay

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Crisis Communication: Tiger Woods Scandal
Rashaad Thomas

Crisis Communication: Tiger Woods Scandal November 29, 2009 was a day that changed the lives of Tiger Woods and everyone involved in his circle. What started out as a crash into a tree outside his home later turned into months of scandal that resulted in lost business partners and ultimately his marriage five years to Elin Nordegren. From that time on, Tiger was in a free fall as mistress after mistress stepped forward admitting to affairs with Woods. There was no communication from Woods’ camp until February 19, 2010. This day, he issued a press conference with those attending including his mother, issuing an apology to his fans, friends and business partners
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He focused his apology towards his fans, business partners and family. Those business partners were specifically interested because if the public hated Tiger Woods, how would Tiger Woods make money for them? I will use parts of his speech to explain the strategies.
there were times throughout the statement where Woods’ comments leaned more towards bolstering as he provided details about all of the positive work that his foundation does and how much he will continue to do such good work despite what’s going on. As stated by Tiger (Woods, 2010, p. 2): To everyone involved in my foundation, including my staff, board of directors, sponsors, and most importantly, the young students we reach, our work is more important than ever. Thirteen years ago, my dad and I envisioned helping young people achieve their dreams through education. This work remains unchanged and will continue to grow. From the Learning Center students in Southern California, to the Earl Woods Scholars in Washington, D.C., millions of kids have changed their lives, and I am dedicated to making sure that continues.
Attacking the Accuser Tiger also went on the offensive directing stern warnings towards the media. While speaking on the topic of his children, he admonished the media for following his
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