Tiger Woods Case At The Age Of 20

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Tiger Woods Case
In 1996, Tiger Woods had decided to become a professional golfer at the age of 20. In that same year he won a PGA tournament and the Walt Disney World/Oldsmobile Classic. He was awarded Rookie of the Year as well as Sportsman of the Year. Before Woods even turned pro he was being compared to golf legend Jack Nicklaus. (Crain, 1996). Tiger Woods had attracted and exposed a new type of demographic to the game of golf. The following year Woods, who is a minority had become the youngest professional golfer at the age of 21 to win a PGA Master’s tournament (Swann, 2014) Woods was later named the 1997 PGA Player of the Year. According to ESPN Woods other golf accomplishments consisted of him winning 14 major golf tournament. Which included, 5 Master’s Tournaments, and 4 PGA Championships.
After Tiger Woods first Master’s victory, he signed a deal with Nike. Woods signed a 5 year, $60-million-dollar contract to introduce their line of golf shoes and apparel bearing his name with the Tiger Woods signature logo (Jensen, 1997). Almost a decade later, Tiger had gained endorsements from companies such as Gatorade, Wheaties, and Gillette. His earnings from sponsors alone were estimated at approximately $100 million dollars (Swann, 2014).
It has become the norm all around the world for sponsors to use celebrity endorsers to promote their products and services (Kim, 2006). Alvin Schechter, the chairman of consultancy Interbrand Schechter, stated that “Mr. Woods ' is part

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