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What makes golf the phenomenal sport it is today? Is it the game itself? Some say golf started in fifteenth century Scotland by men hitting a pebble with a wooden stick. Currently, graphite drivers routinely send the ball soaring 300 yards. Perhaps it was the golfers who made the game great. Arnold Palmer brought golf to the masses in the 1950’s and Jack Nicklaus has set records that have yet to be broken. However, today sports commentators, pro golfers, and weekend duffers, generally agree the game of golf has been changed forever with the arrival of Tiger Woods. Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was born on the 30th of December 1975, the only child to biracial parents Earl, a retired lieutenant in the army, and Kultida a stay-at-home…show more content…
In short Tiger Wood’s made golf cool; he became the Michael Jordan of golf. One result of the huge impact Tiger Woods had on the game of golf was that the amount of prize money rose astronomically. For example three years prior to the “Tiger Woods impact” a typical tournament purse was about $500,000. Currently the typical purse for a PGA tournament could be in excess of $5 million. “Individual annual winnings have increased from Paul Runyan in 1934 ($6,767) to David Duval in 1998 ($2,591,031). There was a significant jump one year later when Tiger earned $6,616,585 in 1999 and finally the phenomenal amount earned for Tiger Woods in 2006 was $9,941,563!” It is striking to see from this data how the purse has increased as Tiger Woods became so dominate on the tour. The television ratings increase every time Tiger is on TV. “I remember when Mickelson and Chris DiMarco were duking it out in 2004 [during a playoff], my first thought was how strong the ratings would be. They went down, as opposed to up, in every Masters tournament that Woods has won.” The ratings and popularity of golf have increased since Tiger won the Masters in 1997. Companies such as Nike, American Express, BMW, and Titleist are willing to contribute more and more money every year for each tournament’s purse. The individual golfers also receive exponentially better endorsement deals. Major corporations are willing to spend

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