Tigers Child Essay

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The book "The Tiger's Child" is about a woman named Torey Hayden and one of her students, Sheila. Torey is a teacher for disabled children. When Sheila was six years old she was sent to the school where Torey was working. Sheila had a very harsh childhood. At the age of four she was abandoned by her 18 year old mother on a highway late at night. A year or so later, She was sent to live with her father in a migrant camp. While she was there, she was abused by her uncle and her father's friends. Sheila had awful personal hygiene and little schooling, although she was very bright. Another incident that occurred was when she was six years old Sheila abducted a three year old boy from his yard. She led…show more content…
They were gone for a few days until one night they went to Torey's house. It turned out that Sheila was concerned about Alejo she thought his parents were going to send him back to Columbia. After the summer school ended Torey lost contact with her for a month. Soon after Torey realized Sheila and her father were gone, she received a letter from her saying she was going to commit suicide. Before Torey read the letter she had been on a two week trip so the letter was two weeks old. There was nothing she could do. A few months later she got a letter from Sheila basically saying that she was still alive and well. At this time, she was 16 years old. Torey immediately located her and found out she was in a children's home. She went there to see her. Torey continued visiting her every Saturday. Sheila told her that she wanted to find her mother. She had placed a few ads in newspapers in California where her mother was said to be living. Sheila had gotten a reply from a woman who had given her daughter up for adoption. Torey pointed out to her that this was probably not her mother because of the differences in their situations. Sheila wouldn't listen to her. She was certain that she had found her mother. Torey visited the next Saturday and everything was fine. However, the following Saturday she was told that Sheila had disappeared without a trace. A couple weeks later Torey got a fax at work from her. She traced the fax and called the store where Sheila
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