Tight Rip 88 Power Left

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Zac Christian English 1010 29 May 2011 Tight Rip 88 Power Left “Plain City rocks!” ” Plain City rocks!” were the chants in Romney Stadium in Logan on that brisk October morning. It was the Wasatch Front Football League mini bowl championship game. It was the biggest game in my little league football career. Our opponent was the five year undefeated South Ogden Jets peewee team. To remain undefeated for five years is an amazing feat especially in the little league football world. My team had high hopes; this was our chance to take the down this undefeated team. I began playing football when I was eight years old. From the moment, I first stepped on the field for practice I knew that I loved this game. I was a little…show more content…
We discussed the game plan for the last two minutes of the game and how critical every play would be. Our coach told us to stay focused. My team chanted “Plain City Rocks!” three times and ran back onto the field. The last possession of the game was ours. The Jets again kicked off to us. The kickoff landed in the hands of my teammate directly in front of me. He caught the ball on the 30 yard line and ran to the 50. With 1:48 left on the game clock we called a quick huddle to call the next play. I looked to the sideline for the play, our coach called lucky 99 super power pass. We broke the huddle lined up on the field and made the play. I backed up in the pocket waited for the open receiver and made the 30 yard pass. We were now on the 20 yard line with 1:20 left on the clock. We played a no huddle offense because we were running out of time. The next two plays failed and we gained zero yards. It was 3rd down with 10 yards to go on the 20 yard line and 59 seconds on the clock, the coach called the next play which was 56 criss cross which was a run play. I handed the ball off to the running back, he weaved in and out of players and was finally brought down at the 5 yard line with 30 seconds left on the clock. It was a 1st down and our fans were going crazy and chanting Plain City rocks over and over. My team was also going crazy and cheering also. We regained our composure and got ready for the next play, we again failed to gain any ground on our next play. We

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