Tighter Border Restrictions Will Reduce Illegal Immigration Essay

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One of America’s many problems is the rise of illegal immigration. While steps

have already been taken to reduce the number of immigrants coming through

unlawfully, many are still entering. Such passage brings forth numerous problems that

must be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, I propose tighter border restrictions as well as

ways to offer more legal immigration to those who wish to enter the United States for

residential purposes. By doing so, our country will become safer and more secure.

The great majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S. may have left their original

countries for understandable reasons. The primary reason is the wide variety of jobs our

nation offers. These jobs require little
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At first glance, it may seem that the scores of immigrants within our nations

borders have come here merely to attempt a start at a new life. However, time and time

again, that idea is proven to be at least partially false. Drug trafficking, a serious and

growing problem in the U.S.A., is tied to illegal immigration. An estimated twenty-

seven percent of immigrants have come to participate in the buying and selling of many

unlawful drugs that takes place in our nation (Clark “Illegal Aliens“).

Along with drug trafficking, people carrying illnesses and various disease agents,

which are normally stopped by proper officials, are also illegally entering this country as

well. Whether this develops into a serious problem or not, this is a national risk that must

be dealt with accordingly. If illnesses and drugs entering this country rise with

immigration, the American people‘s health can be at risk.(Alexiev 22).

Another problem relates to the paying of taxes. While ninety-five percent of

illegal immigrants do pay their taxes through their jobs, as well as national taxes, five

percent of them( approximately 1,000,000 people) do not. Such immigrants do not

contribute to the country in which they live by their refusal to pay taxes

(Williamson “Illegal Immigration“).

However, since they are not citizens, it is difficult to handle this
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