Till Death or Religion Do Us Part Essay

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It’s your third date with a person you’ve met and you have a feeling that things are getting serious. A year has passed and you’re telling this person that you hope they have a great day at work as they leave your jointly leased apartment. Five years have passed filled with the challenges in which relationships can develop, but you know the love you have for this person is stronger than ever before. The pressure is overpowering, but you work up the courage to ask the ultimate question: will you marry me? A date is set; invitations sent out; the day is here. You both walk down the aisle, tears flowing from the friends and family who have gathered, and together you approach the alter of those who have previously said, “I do.” As you…show more content…
Although the reason has yet to be ascertained, The American Humanist Association believes that media outlets covering the voter initiative concluded that the last minute funding from religious organizations spurred a push in the extra votes needed to solidify the ban on same-sex marriage.1 It is also believed that voters of various religious denominations were targeted using a faith based message indicating God’s disproval of gays in general, let alone their right to marry. It is also without argument that there is a freedom of speech aspect that protects religion from the penalties some would expect them to be charged with. It was also evident in the 1970s that the Lemon test was created in order to prove that religion was using the freedom of speech exemption which is so commonly abused (Brammer 1007). For these reasons, and due to the separation of church and state, churches, as well as other religious organizations, should not be allowed to contribute and/or campaign in political initiatives, specifically gay marriage. There have been several high-profile court cases, both past and present, involving religion and equality. For example, in 1967, the United States Supreme Court ruled to decriminalize
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