Till We Have Faces Character Analysis

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Every person makes innumerable changes in his or her life whether they be noticeable or not. Making changes in one’s life may cause others to view the person differently. During the 700 to 450 B.C. time period such changes may only be small, such as wearing a disparate hair style or clothing but may leave a large impression on others. In the novel Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold by C. S. Lewis the character, Orual, makes a change in her wardrobe causing others to drastically change their perceptions about her.
Covering her face behind a veil causes others to see Orual differently. Orual has lived her whole life with her unwanted face so she decides to conceal her ugliness with a veil for the rest of her life. One night she meets Trunia, a
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I have seen ambassadors who were brave men in battle turn white like scared children in my Pillar Room when I turned and looked at them (and they couldn’t see whether I was looking or not) and was silent. I have made the most seasoned liars turn red and blurt out the truth with the same weapon. (Lewis 229)
This veil Orual wears causes herself and others to realize the power she has and has had the whole time. Orual covers up her old self and brings forth a new one called the Queen. She has plenty more confidence and less fear than the Orual she hides behind the veil and in the back of her mind. Even though many people see the “improved” Orual they do not see the full extent of this change. Although people see a change in Orual’s beauty, the nature of her change is not just an external one. The time Orual veils herself is after the last time she visits Psyche whom lives with her husband, a god. Orual believes she will never see Psyche again because she had her go against the god’s word. When Orual returns to the city she vows to veil herself for the rest of her life. Alyce Loeser, a writer for BreakPoint, states that, “The veil comes to represent, as the book progresses, not only a physical covering of Orual’s repulsive visage, but also a hard covering over her heart and soul” (Loeser). Wearing the veil leaves Orual unable to find her true self and overcome the loss of her sister, Psyche.
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