Tilt The Business Towards Biscuits

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Tilt the Business towards Biscuits
We found the solution for off season problem. Now, Big Bottom Market owners can touch the difference. By focusing on food products offered by Big Bottom Market, we found that the store menu is characterized by colorful verity of food. Especially, a signature item Big Bottom biscuits. The biscuits are home made, and credited to one of the owners’ mother who supervises personally on making them. The biscuits offered with different flavors and shapes earned the customers’ admiration and provided relatively high percentage of the store sales during the peak season. Using our competitive advantage, we can introduce our unique product to other food stores and restaurants. From this standpoint,
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Adding 5 percent discount to our cost structure will motivate new customers and keep our profit at the same level by increasing quantities sold.
Target market. We are going to target an area with different sales trend during our off season. Focus on area with positive sale trend during the fall season. For example, the American Football season starts on September to December followed by Basketball season which start on October and finish by April. Focusing on area which has plenty number of sport clubs and restaurants would enhance the likelihood to success applying this solution.
The road map to implement this solution is described as step by step process. It shows how we can enhance our profitability, shows how our capital structure would change when we apply this method, and shows guidelines how to bring this idea into execution
Profitability. As a beginning we can start deal with five different restaurants to introduce our biscuits into their menus. Depending on available data, we can recover 60 percent of the $20,000 short in sales during the off season. In addition, we can keep distributing theses biscuits during the high season as a second source of income. According to an article based on the National Restaurants Association and Deloitte LLP report in 2010, we found that food industry profit margin represents around 20 percent of the overall sales. This means, our $20,000 sales the peak season results $4,000 profit weekly basis. The food
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