Tim Hortons Corporate Social Responsibility

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Tim Hortons is much more involved in making a true difference for individuals, communities and the around the globe daily than just serving a coffee.
The Tim Hortons children’s foundation care for younger’s from financially poor families living in Tim Hortons communities across Canada and United States. As we all know that money has become one of the necessities among humans and those families who can afford food, education, health care, clothes are living in a healthy lifestyle. And, for low-income families, it can be a daily struggle. So, CSR Tim Hortons is doing initiative so that this can help youth to become independent and get opportunities to afford better lifestyle in future.
They value in many ways:
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This foundation provides many opportunities to children like Youth Leadership program which brings in leadership skills, teamwork and make them independent. Recently, camp day was passed and all the money collected on this day go to the foundation.
2. TIM HORTONS COFFEE PARTNERSHIP The main objective is to improve the lives of small-scale coffee farmers by increasing the productivity of their farms and quality of beans in a sustainable way. It was launched in 2005 and till date, 4000 farmers worked and have influenced the lives of over 20,000 people. They help farmers learn how to succeed in today’s changing market conditions by empowering them with skills and tools. The Tin Hortons coffee partnership is based on three main pillars-Economic, Social, and Environmental.
Besides this, the coffee partnership also gives knowledge regarding: -preventing soil erosion strategies, reduce the use of pesticides, how to use effective fertilizer on soil, and shaping the soil for healthy coffee plants. Tim Hortons coffee partnership also teaches farmers to use environmental practices so that biodiversity is
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